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FREE Literacy Resources!

We've created a series of FREE worksheets so you can help your young learners boost their school readiness skills and continue their academic growth outside of the classroom. 

  • Jabari Jumps Readaloud: Enjoy a recording from our June Summer Reading Series and listen to Jabari Jumps, by Gaia Cornwall. [Password: 5f^5Dt93]
  • Jabari Jumps, written by Gaia Cornwall, Activity GuideActivity guide includes supplemental resources, such as arts and crafts, songs, worksheets, and more!
  • Writing and Self Reflection Lesson Plan: Lesson plan featuring content that gives children the opportunity to learn and practice sentence structure, while reflecting about their own feelings. 
  • Colors: Practice identifying your colors by creating your own box of Crayons.
  • Favorite Story: Illustrate a scene from your favorite story, then tell a friend about the story.
  • Alphabet Tracing: Trace the uppercase and lower case letters and fill in the missing letters.
  • Popsicle Math: Solve each addition and subtraction problem. Color in the popsicle based on the sum, using the given key.
  • Rhyme Time: Practice rhymes by identifying rhymes in a set of words and writing your own.
  • Shovel Math: Solve each addition and subtraction problem in the beach themed worksheet.
  • Spring Color by Sum: Solve each addition problem and color the picture using the key.
  • Summer Reading: Pick one of your favorite books you've read this summer. Illustrate two of your favorite scenes.
  • Summer Word Scramble: Unscramble each set of letters to create a summer-themed word. Answer Key.
  • Sweets Math: Count how many of the sweets are at the bakery and complete the sentence.

Check back soon... we'll be adding more!